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Although Earthlands is currently under construction, we are accepting a limited number of program requests over the next year from trusted referrals. Earthlands is open to hearing from leaders in the the fields of team building, permaculture, children programs, holistic medicine, bodywork, psychotherapy, yoga, adult education, wilderness trainings and spirituality. We carefully listen to participant feedback and are selective in our hosting of trustworthy and professional groups. 

*Download our program contract sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kkxc7Bnjymr7cm3Wxu-vaS9tWbHWapNaxFw-JJdKyRY/edit?usp=sharing

Program Pricing 
    (Note: please see your visitors preparedness list ....found under " Your Visit")

Lodge Overnight Rental*………………….$45.00 per person per night with a minimum of 12 residents or $540 per single night or $1,080 for the weekend.  One staff may stay free of charge for up to twelve (12) participants-(2 staff may stay after 12-24 participants etc.)   Winter fees for one overnight are $50.00 per person to cover additional fuel costs.

Cabin and Yurt overnight rentals (if available).....$ TBD

Group Day Use:                                                                                        

Lodge………...$  300. Per day on weekends, if available (up to 15 people)

Lodge………...$  180. Per day mid-week (up to 15 people)

Grounds……..$  100. Per day  (up to 10 people)                 


Woodland Yurt…24’ Pacific Fabric Yurt  - Day-Use: Up to 12 - $100/Day  Up to 3 - $50. 

NOTE: All grounds, camping and Yurt use/rentals will require:

An additional Portable Toilet charge of $95 Per event.  Required -1 portable toilet for up to 50 guests

Event Tent rentals ( if available)......$    TBD

Fire Wood ( if available)………$ TBD  Per cord. may be able to purchase a portion or bring your own.

Generator (if available)………$50. Per day

Meals....Bring your own cooler, drinks, food. (water is available, bring your own water bottle)

Leadership.... tour or Instruction……….$50.00 to $150.00 per day....TBD

Deposits……..All Contracts require a 35% deposit at the signing of the Contract to reserve the desired facilities.   

Food Policy………….The foods served or brought to Earthlands are required to be vegetarian and/or vegan.  It is requested that all food and prepared dishes containing dairy (vegetarian) be identified as such in storage and on the food serving table.  Individuals with dietary requirements, such as need for meat and fish, can workout an agreement with Earthlands as long as the main Food Policy is not compromised.  In addition to the twenty year history of the present Food Policy, the Massachusetts Approved Board of Health certification of public kitchens classifies Earthlands as a vegan/vegetarian kitchen.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  To cancel a reservation the program must notify Earthlands by phone or e-mail.  Cancellation up to four (4) months in advance of the program dates listed on this contract is a full refund, less $50 handling fee;  cancellations up to two (2) months prior to the program is a 50% refund, minus a $100 handling fee; and less than two (2) months there is no refund.

NOTE:  Fees may be negotiated  for environmental and Social Justice Groups with financial restraints.

Earthlands is an inside “Smoke Free” facility.  Pets, other than required service animals, are not allowed.

Local Overnight Lodging Accommodations – Not on Earthlands property:
       >Inn at Clamber Hill in Petersham –    (978) (978) 724-8800 111 North Main Street, Petersham, MA 01366
       >Phillipston Motel –      (978) 249-5300 35 State Street, Phillipston, MA  No Discount.

Contact Information:

Felicia Newhouse, Program Coordinators  

Earthlands Retreat

39 Glasheen Road, Petersham, MA

Felicia Newhouse: (978) 857-0003         

E-Mail: <earthlandsretreat@gmail.com>