We are always looking to bring on HARD WORKERS who align with
our values to help us lay the groundwork physically and
energetically in this critical first year! In addition to working on harvesting, land caretaking and seeding, there may be an
opportunity to partner with a local farm nearby with
farmers who are much more experienced than us so you
can get valuable wisdom and learning from veteran
organic farmers on a more established farm. We are also constructing tiny homes, yurts and cabins on the property and could use help! We have plenty of private space for woofers who come on board for free boarding & food in exchange for 25 hours of weekly labor!

You have farm and construction experience to help grow
and harvest delicious food for city communities around
Boston as well as help refine & beautify a number of our
onsite tiny homes and yurts. We welcome folks with a
strong work ethic, collaborative and curious spirit, and a
self sufficient get it done attitude. Having your own
transportation is ideal to get around town and work with
partner farms in the area.

Actual work currently available includes irrigation set ups,
planting & tending vegetables, weeding and harvesting,
running tractors and mowers and tending the land,
chicken coop set up and maintenance, tiny home and
yurt construction, food storage and preparation. There
will also be opportunities for community outreach,
identifying and tending to the many fruit trees spread
around the property, being an ambassador for raising
awareness of the Earthlands brand, and
partnering with other local farmers to share tips and
document best practices in our Master Farming Log for
the years to come.

Added bonus projects: Partnering with local farms,
renovating tiny homes on property, building solar ovens
and solar showers, mushroom house construction and
mushroom cultivation.



Come volunteer with us!

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